Conestoga Draw Winners

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

It was a blast completing pop-culture "live paintings" this week at Conestoga College in Waterloo, Doon, and Guelph. Workin' alongside Makin' Faces body art and the talented Cartoon Bob, who creates true-to-life caricatures - all while swimming in the bass-ey tracks DJ'd by SoulPhyr and the amazing hip-hop violin covers by Aaron Paris - made for some great vibes.


Thanks so much to all the students who stopped by, made me laugh, and contributed your talents to bring these pieces to life!

WATERLOO: The painting that features Batman jumping rooftops I'm dubbing "2 AM is My Most Productive Time of Day", and our pained Pokémon friend is "Pikachu Mid-Sneeze." ​If you can think of more clever titles for either of these, do mention them in the comments below!

DOON: If anyone was worried about suicidal Tigger, he's alright. He was caught angrily spurting his catchphrase down at the pleading crowd: "Tiggers don't jump! ... They bounce!" But he appreciated you coming by to see him. He's just been lonely. Should've known. He's always singin: "I'm... the only one! Hoo-hoo-hoo-HOO!"

In all seriousness, even the bounciest of characters can face bouts of depression. So don't let someone's big smile fool ya! And if you personally struggle with negative thoughts, you're not alone! Seek out support, my friend.

GUELPH: "The Iron Giant Tours Guelph." If you're planning a romantic rendezvous on the covered bridge sometime soon, expect some voyeurism from Warner Bros' friendly Iron Giant. This multimedia piece involved paint, carvers, nails, and string, all assembled by many hands on an old reclaimed wood palette.



If you submitted a ballot for the draw but were not the 1st or 2nd place winners, you still have the opportunity to get your hands on some rad art.

Here are five print options to choose from:

the iron giant, fan art, multimedia painting, string art, guelph covered bridge, pop culture art, red black white art, robot, robot with red eyes

Simply click on the image you love most, and follow the prompts to send me a direct email indicating your selection. Once I confirm I have the correct mailing address, I'll ship your art print out to you. No strings attached!

*For desktop browsers: If images are not clickable, send me a direct email using this link.

(If none of these paintings are doin' it for ya, feel free to browse the other art on my site and let me know which piece jumps out at you.) Browse site art

Look forward to hearing from you!

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