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Guest Artist: Wave Potter

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

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Wave Potter is a progressive electronic rock project by Tim Kirk. Formed in Minneapolis, MN in January 2015, Wave Potter's music incorporates influences of classic rock, progressive rock, classical, dubstep and electronica. Consisting of only one member, Kirk composes, performs and produces all of the music heard on Wave Potter's albums.



KIRK began playing music at age 3 when his father, also a musician, bought him a small Ludwig drum kit because he was ruining all the kitchen pots and bowls by drumming on them. He continued to progress on drums and eventually began guitar, piano, singing and cello.

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At age 10, Kirk began drumming for an amateur cover/original band, Third Street Underground.

He went on to play in several cover bands who performed in the Minneapolis area, including Midnight Train and Legacy, along with his father Randy Kirk who played keyboards and guitar.

At age 15 he began recording with Fireside, a rock group who wrote and recorded original music.

Throughout middle and high school, Kirk played the drum set for the school band and made several trips with the honors choir. He was featured in the New Richmond Newspaper in the article "Rock 'n Roll Dreams".

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cover band johny goatzyn, third street underground, drummer

Kirk got really serious about music at age 19 when his parents split. He used music as an outlet for frustrations about his recent family changes. He produced four albums and many YouTube covers under the name Johny Goatzyn, which was the name of an imaginary friend created by the child of Third Street Underground's front woman.

When in 2011 Kirk and his mother moved into a small apartment and he was unable to play drums, he spent the time producing two albums based on electronic drum tracks and gained experience using electronic sequencing DAWs. This led to his current Electronic Rock fusion in his project, Wave Potter.


While taking a pottery class with his wife, Kirk was inspired by how the clay could be shaped by the smallest movements of the fingers. He views his music the same way; like a potter, he guides the soundwaves into exactly what he wants.

Life with his wife Victoria continues to inspire Kirk to create music. He is currently working on a more laid back EP, Motionless Travels, to be released in late 2016, and a full-length album entitled Time to Rewind in the summer of 2017.

Follow his journey on Facebook: @wavepotterofficial

or on Instagram: @wavepotter

LISTEN TO or DOWNLOAD Wave Potter's music at any of these links:


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