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Les Frigos de Paris

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Artistically Fascinating Place - Worth Your Attention

"In the past, Les Frigos was a giant refrigerator at the railroad station. Nowadays, the designers and architects converted this industrial space into an art hub and it is totally populated with actors and artists."

Major squee!!!! How did I never hear of this place before? Thanks for nothin', art history class...

"Totally there are about 80 studios and apartments rented by the artists, as well as 17 different art clubs and associations. Les Frigos is a typical example of a loft existing in the form of a cultural center. This amazing format gives the ability to coexist together for galleries, dance studios, showrooms, cafes, workshops."

And no, I'm not in Paris. 😔 *sigh* Just admiring from afar...

Have you ever been? Comment below!


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