Salud Mi Familia

Updated: Sep 22

Kitchener's new 1,100 sq-ft exterior mural celebrating cars, color, and cultural diversity.


Kitchener business owner Kathe Doria wanted to enhance one of her drab exterior walls with custom artwork.

She enlisted me to design and paint a mural that would resonate with her car-loving clientele one inspired by the Fast & Furious movies!

After designing a concept digitally, (and getting approval from the Kitchener Mural Department), we went to work laying a grid that would allow us to accurately scale up the artwork.

Local artists Choolee, ItzyBritzySpider, and Brooklyn Schwartz pooling talents & energies to create what we hope will become a fun KW landmark.

Next we added more colors, gradients, and shapes, revealing the setting of our scene: Tokyo at night!

Most Fast & Furious films are known for routing their characters between various international hot-spots, but one of the most iconic films Tokyo Drift takes place almost entirely on the streets of Tokyo.

Within the design are hidden clues taken from the movies, including famous action scenes, inside jokes, and real-world references.

Doria plans to hold online contests to encourage fans to pick out as many of these Fast and Furious 'easter eggs' as they can. (Follow @redautomotive)

Our overall aim is to brighten up the aesthetic of the Victoria St. industrial area with a splash of international culture, create a conversation piece, and draw together the community local and beyond who are seeking ever greater backdrops for their pics.

Even before completion, car fiends have been dropping by Red Automotive to snag photos of their beasts with the artwork.

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Here's the completed mural! You can stop by to see it in person at 1215 Victoria St N, Kitchener Ontario.


As easy travel and the internet bring the world closer, more & more societies have become melting pots of culture. But with that comes some neophobia.

This design is a nod to one example of positive fusion & acceptance: the way Japanese tastes, humor, and entertainment have been embraced in North America.

It features nighttime views of various Tokyo streets, pays homage to Asian creators, and fitting for the automotive-themed businesses along Victoria St incorporates imagery & references from Fast & Furious films, known for their international settings & lack of racial prejudice.

One such reference, “Salud, mi familia” (Cheers, my family) highlights the mural’s overall message: We are one family — the human family.


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