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Shah-Rokh the Casbah

A quick view of our process as we painted two 1,000-sq-ft murals in 2021. (USave Flooring, 1248 Victoria St N. Kitchener, ON, Canada)


Titled "Shah-Rokh the Casbah" in honor of 15th C Persian sultan and patron of the arts, Shah Rukh (under whose rule geometric flooring designs flourished), and the 1982 song by the Clash, (Rock the Casbah).

When I suggested this title to the lovely owner of USave Flooring, it turned out his Persian name is Shah Rokh! What a happy coincidence! It was a shoo-in.


We spent nearly 200 combined hours bringing this large-scale art to life — during the strangest April weather: bitter cold, blistering heat, and sudden rain storms. And trying to make straight lines on a diamond-beveled surface was no easy task!

With the geometric designs chosen, we aimed to capture in an abstract way the joy of combining parts to build a whole — like using the flooring materials sold there to build yourself a shiny new bathroom floor!

The owner and staff at USave were so accommodating and friendly. They truly are a gem in the city. I'm so glad I got to work with them on this project!


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