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Why Art Is A Humbling Profession

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

It was tons of fun bringing Derek Borne's characters off the written page. His first superhero-spy-themed novel in the "Ultimate Agent" series is scheduled for release this April 15th.

Book 2 includes this scene from our local 'small-town' Toronto. The team is depicted protecting the city under attack, and stopping the CN tower from toppling over.

One of the hardest pills I've had to swallow as an artist is the "reworking" process. RARELY do artists ever stick with the first thing they put on the page. They have to be willing to erase. Start over.

For example, if I'm too emotionally attached to that "fantastic" line I drew 30 minutes ago, even though now it no longer works with the rest of the picture, I'm not going to be happy with the end result. Better to swallow my pride, erase, and rework.

You can see how I did so with this project. CHECK OUT some of the pics documenting the process:

Most of the time spent on this project was researching poses, anatomy, photo references, trying out different looks... Revamping and revamping until I was happy with it (and of course making sure it met with the author's approval!)

No worries; Derek wasn't cracking no whip. He's pretty easy to please; I'm the one who drew Dynama (the 50-foot woman) NINE different ways... ...Aiyaaaah. Maybe I'm taking this reworking thing a bit too seriously...

All in all, you can see my point: an artist needs to be willing to admit to mistakes -failures- in order to master a skill.

Our colorful COMIC-styled creations plan to be translated into a realistic BOOK COVER (book 2). RELEASE DATE for BOOK 1: APRIL 15. Visit Derek's site:


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