Add eye-catching illustrations to your blog, your product packaging, the children's books you write, or anything else you can think of.

Logos, Graphics,

Character Designs

Company Mascot Concept
Album Cover Illustration Art
Digital Mock-up Character Design
Character for website
Company Mascot
My cheeks were hurting developing his super cute mascot at the request of an independent clothing label.
Story-Book Designs
If you're a writer, I can give your story form. People, animals, aliens, environments...

Let's create some visuals that do your awesome story justice!
Blog Graphic
Afraid of Social Media?
Blog Graphic
Connections over space & time
Blog Graphic
Reading in a Cafe
Blog Graphic
I can't switch off my emotions
Blog Graphic
Frustrated with restrictions?
Blog Graphic
Water balloon fight, anyone?
Dental Logo
Fresh web graphics are an important part of making your site stand out.

Boosted Gordon Street Dental's website, business front, and online presence using this simple but punchy graphic.

(It's a great office if you're looking for dental care in Guelph!)
Web Graphic for Dental Services
Dental Cartoon - Filling
Web Graphic for Dental Services
Dental Cartoon - Crown
Web Graphic for Dental Services
Dental Cartoon - Cleaning, Hygiene
Chalkboard Logo Concept
Jeff Thompson's business offers cutting-edge Video Services

video editing, robot, graphic design, bowtie, classy
Sketches for novel
One of many 'study sketches' for a fictional novel following the adventures of paleontologists and modern dinos. #Scutosaurus
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