Add eye-catching illustrations to your blog, your product packaging, the children's books you write, or anything else you can think of.

Owl Hockey
For a young girl who loves owls, penguins, and maple leafs.
Josie the Pizza Pussycat
Cute & cuddly project for a local client. Gift idea for her hubby. Their little kitten "kneads" them in the middle of the night. They joke that she is making them pizza.

pet portrait, caricature, cat, chef
The Musical Shell
children's book, illustrator, turtle, cartoon, dancing, musical, shell
Pitt Mascot
Character for website
Digital Mock-up Character Design
Afraid of Social Media?
Connections over space & time
Reading in a Cafe
I can't switch off emotions
Frustrated with restrictions?
Water balloon fight, anyone?
Dental Cartoon - Filling
Dental Cartoon - Crown
Dental Cartoon - Cleaning, Hygiene
Story-Book Designs
If you're a writer, I can give your story form. People, animals, aliens, environments...

Let's create some visuals that do your awesome story justice!
One of many 'study sketches' for a fictional novel following the adventures of paleontologists and modern dinos.
Sticker Designs
Molar Envy

Concept for a dental reward sticker

# illustration, cartoon, mascot, colorful, tooth, teeth, wisdom teeth, extraction, removal, surgery, dental surgeon, designer
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Character Designs

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