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A portrait is a personal gift they'll never expect. You can chronicle any milestone or memory: an Anniversary, a Graduation, a New Baby...

Or maybe you need a self-portrait for a profile page - why not make it special?

Doable in almost any style: Realistic, Comic, Storybook, Disney, Anime, Chibi, Gothic, Pop Art... & almost any size & medium: Digital Paintings, Oil, Watercolor, Charcoal, Ink...

Using photos you provide, I'll skillfully remove unwanted background elements and bring out the best in you, your spouse, kids, pet, vacation spot, and more.

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ideas to get your juices flowing

Cat Lovers Kevin & Claire thought up this campy way to showcase their furry friend's villainous glare

This exciting couple in the Ontario roller derby circuit asked for Dynamic comic-styled companion pieces.

derby, girl, cartoon, caricature, dog, kettle ball, hardcore
derby, league, announcer, cartoon, caricature, iron maiden, boston terrier, leather jacket, tri-city

He loves monkeys. She loves tigers. They both love Disney's Aladdin.

So why not live out fantasy in portrait form?