Here's the part where I bashfully list my past achievements.

My early work (2000-2003) was featured in two shows at the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery and also in Kitchener City Hall's Rotunda Gallery.


More recently, I designed three 8 x 8 ft colorable panels that stood in the lobby of Lot 42 during Kitchener's 2018 Tech for Good conference.

​​​My parents were the first to sound acclaims when their squinty-eyed little blonde held up her crayon doodles. But since those kindergarten journal entries —which boasted elaborate drawings and very few words— Julie Restrepo (that's me) has come a long way artistically.


A job in the arts was not part of my initial career plan. Out of high school, I chose Dental Assisting as a way to support myself. (I bought into the starving artist myth, and... I like eating.)

While prying open people's mouths and engaging in volunteer work teaching Bible topics — never simulateously, although that may have been comically auspicious — chronic health issues began to rob me of time and energy. So I decided on a change. I started drawing again.





Freelance Painter, Illustrator, Goofball

My name's actually Julie. After a high school comic strip featured me as a one-dimensional stick figure named 'Choolee', the name stuck.

I take client requests to create custom, one-of-a-kind pieces. 

Drivers entering Kitchener-Waterloo via Bridgeport Rd can catch a glimpse of the 1,000-sq-ft outdoor mural "Connect, Communicate, Innovate," that I painted for Snugglers Furniture in 2017. It's an illustrative work in red, black, and white that highlights the different ways we communicate.

I've also had opportunity to collaborate with local businesses & personalities, including:



in creating logos, profile art for album covers, graphics for websites, murals, and more.

The Now

Happily working from my studio apartment, I take client requests to create custom, one-of-a-kind designs.

See "Services" tab in main menu.

I also sell prints of some personal creations, such as the well-liked Can't Buy Me Love, a commentary on the commercial industry which features a juicy pair of lips depicted by a red barcode.

You can follow the ongoing creative journey on my Art Murmur blog, where I post progress pics, report on points of interest, and cover a variety of Arts & Culture news.

I'm not satisfied to develop only one style of art. I scroll through the work of fellow artists every day. They inspire me to continually push the boundaries of my craft. 


I'm a retro enthusiast, self-proclaimed grammar nerd, Mandarin speaker, & dilettante Hep Cat hopper (swing dancing in suspenders! ...when I manage to drag my husband onto the dance floor.) I'm also a big fan of running, indie folk-rock,, Gravity Falls, and The Sound of Music.



We're all 'multi-potentialites'. So step outside your comfort zone & try something new with me.

I communicate with my clients before, during, and after the creative process, to determine likes, dislikes, and overall expectations.

(Read client reviews here.)

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