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ART is priceless.
But it should also be affordable.

I hear ya. Because art is so subjective, everyone puts a different value on it.

I think you should pay what you feel it's worth. So I use the PWYW Pricing System.




As my client, when you describe your project needs, I can give you the range in cost that artists and design firms typically charge.


But ultimately, when the final product comes to you, I think you should pay what you feel it's worth. Whether that's within, above, or below the norm.

Several clients have expressed their satisfaction with this system.

Of course, if you prefer to have a fixed price quote, I'm happy to oblige. Simply mention it when sending a project request.

How can I make payment?

I prefer Email Money-Transfer, but I also accept Paypal, debit and credit.

An official receipt is emailed to you upon payment.

I usually request a 20% retainer deposit before project commencement.

Client Consultation
Client Reviews of Custom Art
Will I Get to Have a Say in the Creative Process?
"I communicate with my clients before, during, and after the creative process, to ensure the finished product is something we're both happy with.
(Read client reviews here.)
How Quickly Can A Project Be Ready?

This depends on my availability and the complexity of your project. Usually, I can have an order ready / delivered within 2-4 weeks.

You will receive an electronic package that includes your digital files (JPEGS, PNGS, EPS vectors), and any social media formats you request.

Looking to Buy a PRINT of my existing artwork?

You're welcome to check out my SHOP. If you can't find what you're looking for there, feel free to inquire by email:

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