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Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Thousands of tech nerds and industry pros flooded Lot 42 in Kitchener last month. Communitech‘s 2018 True North conference, which ran from May 29-31, had the theme “Tech for Good” and included musical and dance performances, educational panels, talks by industry leaders, directors, and interactive art displays.

true north north american indigenous dance performance

Full house for speaker Ed Catmull from Pixar

One such display was a mural designed by yours truly! It appeared on three 8 x 8 foot standing panels in the main lobby.

The final line art that we shipped off to printers for eager attendees to color in!

Clever idea by the think tank at local marketing team New Moon Ideas Inc.

The mural aimed to highlight ways technology is making the world a better place. It touched on medical science (like nanotech), robotics and AI (and our cooperation with them), equality for women in the workforce, and more.

Did you make it to the conference? Which area did you make your mark on? What were your highlights? #TrueNorth18


I'll jump at any chance to draw robots!

If you ever need similar graphics for events, line art for books or blog posts, or even caricatures as a gift, feel free to drop me a line anytime. I use the PWYW Pricing System.


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