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What do YOU See?

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

HERE's a question that'll get your artsy-fartsy juices flowing: What message do you think this abstract piece sends? (I had one in mind when creating it, but I'm curious to hear your interpretations...)

abstract charcoal drawing, black and white, sad people, peer pressure, loneliness, women of all sizes, emptiness, tortured


Here are some comments I thought were very insightful:

  • lola_armstrong When I look at this art work it makes me think that all us women come in different shapes, sizes and color but we are still all women!

  • maiduckdog Seals in a circus. Navy seals

  • weird_shtuff I see it as loneliness, a sense of emptiness, because three of the figures all have something 'in' them that makes them solid. But the one is just...empty. (or if you want to analyze darkness location, you could say one has logic but no heart, & the three have heart but no logic?)

  • sylvier_sarducci It creeps me out 😰 it reminds me of a concentration camp, I feel like people have been tortured and have nothing left inside them

(That may very well have been how I was feeling at the time I created it! I was a bitter teen dealing w/ a lot of first-time emotions.)

A beautiful girl from Toronto saw herself in this picture. Someone who doesn't always fit in with the crowd. She has asked me to create an expanded version for her living room. I'm so honored!

...I'll be sure to post about the process, so stay tuned.

UPDATE: You can see the finished piece here:



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